We aim to provide the best legal services for our customers

Legimia Ltd has offices in Helsinki and Turku. We provide legal services to individuals as well as businesses across the country. Our motto is to be client focused and results driven. Our lawyers aim to assist our clients by high quality professional service with flexibility, efficiency and responsiveness. We realize that in order to be effective and to offer real value, we must be able to react to your legal needs and to make ourselves available whenever required.

Our lawyers have strong knowledge of Finnish legislation and legal system. In addition, we have a solid practical experience in litigations as well as in dispute settlements.

Negotiation and mediation

We emphasize that our target is to try and negotiate with the other party before we take legal actions. We have excellent negotiations skills and our aim is to provide the most practical and cost-effective solutions to our clients.


Legimia handles litigation for individuals and businesses across a broad range of disputes, torts and civil litigation.

Business law

We have extensive experience in contract law; we prepare different types of agreements for different needs and purposes. We can help you to avoid problems in the future as well as help you to solve your problems in present.

Furthermore, we provide corporate law services to our clients and advise them on corporate governance issues.

Family law

In addition, we have comprehensive experience of family law matters, i.e marriage and heritage law and also child welfare issues.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information +358 40 5460 992. The first call is free of charge.